The blonde haired boy hanging onto my arm in this picture was my first loveConor looked after me when my mum died and stayed with me until I wasstarting to heal. I still do love him a bit, because thats what first loves are about isn't it?

Jenny Moss

It may not have been their first love; parents are full of dark secrets after all. But it was serious enough for them to get married and reproduce. A true 60s wedding - loving the bridesmaid's hair. The marriage didn't last but the photos live on and entertain us all on many an occasion."

Pete Baker

This is a photo of my mum and dad, or is that my mum and Euan Robinson [from our band]? Anyway, taken shortly after they were married I love how happy they look. I wonder what they are wistfully glancing at in the distance. Unfortunately their looks have been ravaged from bringing up four kids, however luckily enough, my dad's taste in ties remains strong. I hope to be this in love with someone one day.

Andrea Schulze

In this picture you can see my first love fabian and me. The picture was taken in germany in 1982. He moved away one year later and it took me a long time to get over him. In 2008 we met again after a long time. I was full of expectations, but unfortunately we had gone in completely different directions but he will always be my first number one!